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Several years ago I was working as a new LPN on a busy Med-Surg unit in a small town in Northern Minnesota. As you can probably guess, we dealt with a lot of blizzards and bad winter weather more often than we like. I was... Read More

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    awww... :heartbeat very sweet and nice story

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    That is the most touching story I have ever heard! Definently one of my favorites. I even got tears in my eyes reading it.
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    That was so sweet of your hubby to do that!
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    That was such a sweet story. I have tears rolling down my face, I am so touched. What a wonderful nurse you are!
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    Tears of Joy started to fall in my cheeks.. a very inspiring story.. More power and blessings to all ^^, thanks
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    You are truely blessed by giving this poor child hope and you are a very lucky woman to have found a man who would brave a blizzard to bring light to the life of an unknown child. Thank you for sharing your story.
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    Really What A Heart Touching Story!!! I am Tearing Up From It!!!!! You And Your Fiancee Or Husband By Now R Very Special People................Thank You For That!!!!!!!!

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