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I really really really need some nurses' advice. So I've realized something about myself lately...I hate nursing. I think I always knew this in college, but I guess I thought things would get better when I was actually NURSING... Read More

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    which clinical research org do work for?...i'm trying to get such a job...i'm based in Boston

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    I read this post a long time ago....and think about it often....I actually thought about this post quite frequently when I took a job out of nursing school at the bedside (pediatric med-surg) that I really just could not stand. It was a horrible fit for me but everyone kept telling me you "need the medical surgical experience as a a new nurse no matter what." I thought that I would like the faster pace of the ICU a lot better, but no, I actually hated it MORE. What I learned about myself is that a)the things people say such as "you must get medical surgical experience or else!" may be advise with good intentions, but it may not be advise that really applies to everyone.
    I, too, have anxiety issues and I have been doing work for school on a medical surgical unit. Something about the patient acuity and the 10000000 things happening on the unit really make me feel like my head and heart are about to explode....so I can feel for you. A lot.

    ***I originally came to this post because I wanted to know what you decided to do with your career...if you stayed with nursing or went elsewhere..... can you update us if you don't mind?*** I truly send your way the best of wishes and hope you are at peace with your career choices, whatever they may be.
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    How many years of exp does that require if you don't mind me asking?
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    Quote from enfermeria
    My mom do "utilization review" in a state in Southeast US (can't tell where for confidentiality purpose). She review medicare/medicaid those kind of stuff that I don't completely understand. She got only 23.5/hr... not too bad...That would make about 40,000 and somethings a year.
    It is a office job...8-5 M-F. I know you would make more being staff nurse in hospital
    How many years of exp does that require if you don't mind me asking?
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    I understand completely what you are saying. After 26 years of hell and tortue I finally left the
    hospital scene. Please don't wait that long. I do not advise a masters degree. There are 10 million\
    master degreed nurses. Its not what you know, but who you know in the field. If most nurses were
    honest with themselves they would be admitting what you have admitted. What I did was take a sales position with a company called PSS Medical Supply. The nursing background is excellent for sales keeping in mind the goal is good customer service. As nurses now have become public relations
    experts, sales is a great way to go and has alot of potential for excellent salary. There area tons of
    medical supply companies where your nursing background will work. Good luck to you. Please
    know you are not alone

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