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I hate night shift - page 4

I have been working night shift for about 9 months now. I thought it would get easier, but it just gets harder. I feel so bad all the time. My days off are spent sleeping. And if I do have to get up... Read More

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    I remember when I used to work nights:
    7p - 7a (when hospitals were still hiring LPN's). I used to get sooo sleepy around 2am. I was very grouchy and mean to my family members. I would get mad because it seemed like they always wanted me to do things for them on my days on and off work. I did 2 days on/ 2 days off/ every other weekend. I did my year then I left. I've dont like night shifts jobs. I prefer dayshift and I like being in my bed at night. I hated working in the summer because it seemed liked I missed so much b/c I was stuck at work and since I had no kids when my supervisor changed my shift to 7 days on/ 7 days off I was stuck working most of the holidays cause she made me feel guilty!! I do commend the night shift workers b/c pts need good care 24/7!!! Some people adjust well with nightshift jobs and some don't! I never could adjust no matter how much sleep I got!!