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Hi all, I currently hold a BS in Civil Engineering. While it pays good money, it isn't rewarding. I am wondering if anyone has made the career switch doing an accelerated BSN? Did you have children and a spouse? How did... Read More

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    One thing we are doing before going to school full-time (we are DINKS) is refinancing our home to a 30 yr from a 15 year(10yrs left).

    Our (required minimum) payment will go from $1120 to $462 - there are no prepayment penalties on the new loan. So if we can continue to make the $1120 per month - we will still pay off in the same amount of time as the current loan (minus the closing costs of the new loan).

    But if things get "tight" on one salary, we can drop back down to $462 on the mortgage. It just gives us "options".

    Good luck from a EE . . .

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    Hey leenak, I also live in the DC area and I have been thinking of nursing for years and well, 6 months out of my MPH, I am going for it. I have to take the prereqs though as I have a BA and only stats will count from my MPH. Right now I have been talking to people about my options and trying to figure it all out. Did you take your prereqs in DC? If so, where? I am debating what to do to make this happen.

    I hate my day job with a passion (and they would not be good about part time school) and I know if I am serious about this accelerated option, I dont want to wait. I work part time at a very expensive steakhouse so I am thinking my best best would be to quit my job, go back to serving fulltime and bang the prereqs out over spring/summer 2011 and then hopefully I can apply for Jan 2012.

    Any advice about prereqs? Programs you found in the area or scholarships? I am open to moving, been in DC for almost 6 years so I will go where I get the best deal.
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    I dont have any kids but I do also wonder about the financial aspect of going for this. I do not plan on working during the accelerated program. I worked through my MPH and I know that one nursing school will be alot harder, that there wont be time to work and that I want time to absorb the material as best I can. Are there sites you have all found that lay out some scholarship options or grants?

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