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Hello, im aiming to go into nursing (im a guy btw-just thought i should point that out)....I was wondering for all you nurses out there......can you give me some insight into how you find nursing as a career........pros,... Read More

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    Great conversation starter.

    I've only been doing it for 2 years now, so take this for what it is. Here are some random thoughts.

    It is not what I thought it would be. I am very PROUD I have made it this far. It is MUCH harder than I had expected.

    I love my days off.

    I'm glad for the salary. It has allowed me to do great things, the best being putting my son in a private school which has benefitted him and me greatly. In this way, it really enhances my life.

    I have time w/ my kids on THEIR time. Can make school events sometimes, etc. that I would not be able to do if I was working full time.

    I have a LOT of career options now -- a dizzying array of choices -- and that is FANTASTIC at my age (46).

    I get a lot of satisfaction from it, and it boosts my own self esteem to know that I am in such demand, that I can do so much for others and have them be so appreciative at times. It's a real boost at times.

    It is also very tough to take at times when people are not at their best -- horrid patients, horrid situations, horrid family members, rude docs, rude co-workers, and the STRESS of trying to beat the clock every single shift.

    It is exhausting. I am burnt out often. I need breaks from it or I go crazy.

    I go crazy on my breaks because I miss it -- the craziness, the co-workers I like, the "gossip" the funny stuff that goes on around the unit, etc.

    It's a tough field -- and I think it's a very hard field for women -- and yet it is a good field to go into for women. You have to be TOUGH.

    (I never knew I was so tough . . . . Had no idea . . .)

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    I've been a nurse for nearly 5 years now, and I still love it as much as I did the day I started out.

    Pros: I have a steady income and pretty good pay...I REALLY like the patients I work with...the job I have right now allows me a lot of autonomy...Flexible hours...a science-based job that is very interesting...I care for the people who are sort of the 'cast-offs' of society and I love being their advocate, and I love giving them the knowledge and education to become better participants in their care.

    Cons: My only con is that my patient population can sometimes be quite violent but even that's not so bad once you learn to read the signals they give off.

    My quality of life has been improved by my being a nurse...I have a career that I really enjoy, and a career which can travel easily...before I became a nurse I lived barely above the poverty line and had to roll change to buy groceries and I don't have to worry so much about money.

    Good luck to you!!
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    GO for it, you will be good! You need to give your self a chance!

    For me... I love to nurse! Is a hard profession, you need to know to know it from beginning, and you need to love to be nurse. You will have woanderfull times and will be times when you will hate your life and your choice to be nurse, you will be around with woanderfull people and totally out of control ones, you will see what do you think that NEVER could see in your life, you will hear what do you NEVER think that you will hear, today you will be down tommorow you will be up, if you came for money, you probably you will find a way to have it (lol not Zuzi style at all), if you came for "power" probably also you will find a way to have it, (again not Zuzi style), but if you came for NURSING and for PASSION to do your job at high standards, without rushing and thinking before to doing........ you need to have patience and to keep you eyes open and to know what you search for but to acceot also the reality how it is.

    Is a woanderfull to be nurse, just stay balanced with you and others, and if is much more for you (because some times it is..... deep breath, make one step away, THINK for what you choosed to be a nurse, and don't forget it !)

    You will be a great nurse , we need male nurses in nursing field are just a few...come here for a hug... oh sorry... lol, a shanking hand!
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    Quote from miwukman
    I am 45 and male, I am in the RN program now and I am going to switch my career after twenty years in law enforcement. I believe that this will be the best choice for me and I am really excited to be in this honorable career.
    Wow congrats to you!

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