How do I get into the ER?

  1. First time posting... I'm a 24 year-old student. I completed my EMT-B training a year and a half ago, completed and passed my practical skills but did not get my NREMT certification. The REASON for this was that I was told by the girl over-seeing my hospital clinical that I did NOT need my certification to work in the ER and that, in fact, most of the ER Techs she worked with had not taken/passed the certification test. I did get a 4.0 that semester for my EMT class and medical terminology. I am enrolled this semester and next for my prerequisite and general education courses that I need for the ADN program. I'm also planning on taking the phlebotomy course this semester(if the school actually goes through with it and doesn't cancel due to lack of sign-up)

    I live in Kansas City, MO and would LOVE to work at NKCH , St. Lukes or Research. At all of these places I would PREFER the ER but I've heard that everyone wants to be there. My questions are directed generally at ER nurses but specifically at ER nurses who work at any of these choice hospitals or somewhere in this area.


    -How did YOU start out? How can I "brown-nose" my way in to GET THE JOB
    -Do I need to be NREMT certified to work as an ER tech? (Because I've yet to be called in for an interview in a year and a half of applying)
    -Is everyone really trying to get into the ER?
    -If certified/trained as an EMT, can I work any other job in the hospital such as NA, CMA or Patient Care Tech?
    -Once I am an RN, can I go straight to the ER? (KC nurses only)
    -Does ANYONE know who to call to get a job as a tech ANYWHERE in KCMO?


    -I may like to try for CRNA, do I need to be a CCN first? For how long?
    -What do I need to be a CCN?
    -Can I get into ICU or CCU somehow as a Graduate Nurse? (KC only)

    I really appreciate anyones help! Sorry for asking so many open-ended questions.
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