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Hello all !! I am a newly grad RN with load of past medical experience. I've work in dialysis for the past 7 yrs as a dialysis tech prior to becoming a Rn. I became a nurse because I love taking care of my patients and it makes... Read More

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    @ Kabooski... Funny you said that... because I been taking classes to become more employable. I just finished my BLS and taking an IV cert course next week. I hope to be taking the ACLS course soon. !! Thanks for the encouragement !!

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    Hi, not just new grads but even those with experience are having a tough time getting employed. The others gave great advice. Much luck to you!
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    I live in Colorado, am a new grad, and also can't find a job. This is really frustrating. I also have many years of experience in healthcare as a CNA. I am happiest when I am doing something for others. So, sitting at a computer, hunting for work is really not enjoyable.

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