How can a new graduate RN become employed ?

  1. Hello all !! I am a newly grad RN with load of past medical experience. I've work in dialysis for the past 7 yrs as a dialysis tech prior to becoming a Rn. I became a nurse because I love taking care of my patients and it makes me feel like I can make a difference in someones life. However since graduating the employment world have been really cruel !! No one wants to give a new grad a chance !! I think everyone has forgotten what it feels like to be a newbie and needing a chance to prove their selves. My question is ... how can someone get experience if no one is willing to give them a chance? My friends and myself are at our witt ends!! It seems as, if you don't have a inside connection, then you don't have a job !! I was an excellent student, and excelled clinically. I was an excellent dialysis tech and excelled in my field. I'm confident and I know will excel as a nurse as well, given the opportunity. Sometimes I feel like I went to school for nothing... I quit my job to continue my education, thinking I would have better opportunities, now I have no job, no money, and no opportunities. I'm faithful things will get better ! If anyone have any suggestion please feel free to comment. I appreciate all support given.
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  3. by   ToughingItOut
    Greetings! So, I know that this is probably exactly what you're trying to avoid...but have you thought about just sticking with dialysis for a little bit? I thought of applying to a dialysis center with absolutely no experience as a new grad, so I would think that they would snap you up in a heartbeat! Plus, there are 1:1 dialysis nurses in the hospital setting, and I would think that you might also have some luck applying at GU/renal units. Also, try nursing fairs advertised in the paper. You may be one of the only new grads there, but who cares? It's a great time to talk one-on-one with all the nursing recruiters. Good luck!
  4. by   lnjgpa
    Hello... and thank you for your suggestion... I planned on working in dialysis for awhile.. because I love it!! However I applied at several clinics and still not one call back!! I don't know what to do any more :^(
  5. by   kabooski
    I'm surprised the same center where you worked will not offer you the chance to enter their renal nursing training program. Do they want you to seek outside critical care experience first?

    Did you quit in bad terms? I'm sure you had to work under the supervision of Renal Nurses. The whole seven years there you never made a connection to staff and management? letting them know you plan to become a Nurse?
  6. by   ToughingItOut
    Hmmm...where do you live?
  7. by   ToughingItOut
    So, I don't know anything about dialysis nursing, BUT there's a whole section for dialysis/renal nursing under specialties on this site. Maybe someone there could point you in the right direction...? Also, I found this site and many others doing a google search . Good luck! I wish I had had all your experience when I graduated nursing school, so I'm sure you'll find a job soon.
  8. by   lnjgpa
    Hi Kabooski!! My nurse manager was very good to me. She was very supportive and helped me along, with my education. My unit is expanding and I was told I would have a job when the new unit opens. However it's not set in stone and I was told the hospital my be going on a freeze!!! I did make different connects during the years I was there, however the hospital was sold to another company and they got rid of most of the top managers and brought in there own people. Unfortunately this happened while I was unemployed in school. My unit as of now have to openings and my nurse mang can't hire me for a position that's not in the budget. So I'm just waiting and hoping all go well. I left there on a great note, so that's the least of my worries.. Thank God! I never burn bridges !! Never. thank you for your reply.
  9. by   lnjgpa
    I'm from NJ
  10. by   lnjgpa
    To Toughingitout.... thanks so much for your encouragement !! I thank you for the posting the dialysis site, I will surly check it out.. And there is a company name Fresenius, that do train RN with no exp. They have there own school and at the end of the training you must pass there test and sign a 1 or 2 yr contract with them, because they gave you the training. The company is not big payers, however you will get great training and exp under your belt. The company is all over the world so you should be able to find a clinic in your area. Good luck to you as well. and thanks again.
  11. by   kabooski
    what certifications do you have? Most Centers want BLS or/and ACLS and EKG interpretation certification.
    While waiting for that "job" I would make my self as marketable as possible ^. With your experience dealing with renal failure patients, you have a good shot over other new RN's.
  12. by   lnjgpa
    @ Kabooski... Funny you said that... because I been taking classes to become more employable. I just finished my BLS and taking an IV cert course next week. I hope to be taking the ACLS course soon. !! Thanks for the encouragement !!
  13. by   Mrs. SnowStormRN
    Hi, not just new grads but even those with experience are having a tough time getting employed. The others gave great advice. Much luck to you!
  14. by   mbalten
    I live in Colorado, am a new grad, and also can't find a job. This is really frustrating. I also have many years of experience in healthcare as a CNA. I am happiest when I am doing something for others. So, sitting at a computer, hunting for work is really not enjoyable.