How are nurses adapting to genesis electronic records?

  1. I was wondering how nurses are adapting to the new genesis electronic records. Our hospital is currently training staff and will golive in April. I am wondering if you can find time to do hands on nursing, or are you just charting all the time. Any comments positive or negative would be appreciated.
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  3. by   CountryGirlRN
    At the VA, that's all we have - its called the Computerized Patient Record System, and I love it. We do spend a fair amount of time on notes, but I think it saves time since everything about the pt is right at our fingertips - orders, notes, meds, labs, procedures, imaging, etc. I believe it leaves us more time to care for the pts. Also, most of our notes are on templates, although we can add freehand notes. Administering meds is computerized, too - we scan every arm band and every med. It makes it hard to make a mistake - but not impossible, of course! This is my first hospital job, though, so I can't really compare it to anything else.
  4. by   raggyrehabRN
    I understand there are several software systems out there to computerize records. I am glad you are finding your system user friendly. I am really wondering how user friendly this cerner genesis software is, and how many bugs it has. Trinity has invested a lot in its' success. I can see advantages to having all the information readily available, but it seems like an awful lot of detail to document. Perhaps the younger nurses adapt to it easier.