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Hospice: Knowledge and Wisdom Worth Dying For - page 4

Leading up to May 2007, I had worked in a variety of nursing areas. I have worked in long-term care facilities, Peds, PICU, NICU, PASU, ICF/MR, SDC, OPS, and Endo. Wow, there are a lot of... Read More

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    I had worked hosp, but 25 yrs ago,now in ltc,since. hospice comes into our place,but I think reg. hospice facility does things differently. My prior blog was what do hospice nurses say to ppl who don't have a belief , or are agnostic, or pt's who are athiest, in order to soothe them as they,the pts are dying? One person answered,only. I also believe in trying to keep pt. care and the $ factor separate, but it's still a business.