Home Health nurses HELP please! Telemonitoring question!

  1. Hi everyone, I recently started working for a home health company that uses telemonitors (vital sign machine) that transmit patient vitals daily to a group of nurses who review them, etc. My question is for nurses who have home health experience with telemonitors. What frequency are you typically putting in for your 60 day period? Say a patient with a CHF exacerbation who went into the hospital, got it under control and being send home with home health for teaching. How often would you actually send a nurse out? I am only familiar with traditional frequencies, not telemonitor patient frequencies. I know they have someone checking vitals daily and calling to check on them if they are abnormal. But I am just a little lost here. Wondering what the "norm" is. My company says a decreased nursing frequency is appropriate because of the telemonitor, but I am not sure what the standard is?
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  3. by   merlee
    Someone at your agency should be able to give you the expected guidelines. 3,3,2,2,1,1-,1 is not uncommon, but could be fewer, like 3,2,1,1,-,1-,1. Depends on the individual case. Hopefully, the last visit is discharge, and pick up the monitor.

    Always double-bag the monitor before putting it in your trunk.

    Best wishes!