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  1. 0 Hello, my name is Josh and I recently took the HESI exam for University of Texas. I used the suggested Elsevier review and passed all the sections, AP, chemistry, math, bio, etc. The only section I did not pass was the critical thinking, I made a 730, minimum required is 750. My concern is that the critcal thinking was not on the review! I passed all section excpet that section because I did not study for it because it was not provided on the review. I am a college student that was not prepared for those prenursing questions. Was I supposed to obtain the review somewhere else?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    since no one has answered your question yet I will try to.

    I read around here that the critical thinking part of the hesi wasnt really something to study for. I think it was nclex styled but it was something to measure by what is the primaray response versus secondary. Like who would you treat first a person that is bleeding from the skull or a broken leg. what should you do and not do

    some people have commented on that part of the test. i advise you to look around or hopefully some1 will respond to you in due time

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