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I just started working Home Health prn and today was my first day alone. Last week I drove around with a couple of nurses. Since I am not quite organized yet and don't have my groove down, I wrote my vitals and scratch notes on... Read More

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    Hmm...That is a practice that would be appropriate to alert registering members to. I know that all things considered, it probably wouldn't be defined as an egregious breech of privacy...but it still kind of feels like one.

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    No mention of Facebook routing in the Privacy Policy...And looking at a few of the posts on Facebook, I see that AN uses the avatars members select on this site to attach to the posts - some of those avatars are actual photos of members.
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    Yes, has a facebook page, you can find it here: is a public site and is indexed in google daily and easily searched via google and search engines. If there is something you are concerned about being public knowledge, you should not be posting it anywhere online.

    We occasionally share post from on our facebook page. No personal details are shared, we just share a link to the website with brief context from the page.
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    I get around this issue by not "liking" the Facebook page with no plans to "like" it in the future unless there is some transparency in term of information sharing between the sites.
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    did vna for years and mentored new vna staff-happens all the time. just try to learn your way to do things in an organized manner. i used to have a manila folder for each pt and brought only that in- it's big enough to not forget-jot v.s. down and leave near your keys. it will come-don't u still have an in office pre-ceptor??? the pt.s are usually friendly when u call and will have it for u. most will be happy to say hello again. stay calm, this will be something u laugh at down the road
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    Hi. How are you? I read your posting when you were freaking out about the med surg / tele unit and didnt know how to go about it even after weeks of training. I was just wondering how did it turn out? Did you stay in Med surg/tele? Did you like the psych unit? What are you doing now? I am asking as I am also a new grad and applying to med surg /tele units ...

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