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  1. 0 I have been a RN in an Internal Medicine Clinic almost 2 years now. My supervisor came to me and stated she is trying to get a lead nurse position approved and I may be her top candidate. She said some of the responsibilities is scheduling nurses, communicating with the RN/LPNs different protocols, occasionally meeting with the head physicians to discuss/implement new processes etc as well as continuing to work for my physician. I feel I am doing all of the above (minus the scheduling) right now, and I am wondering if a current or former head/lead clinic RN can possibly give me insight of this position or their experiences. I do have my BSN and have been thinking about management classes, but unsure if I want to go back to school. This would be a good opportunity if it pans out to test the waters of that type of position. Any feedback would be appreciated.
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    Congrats on the opportunity. No experience there, but hope you get the chance to shine!
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    Thank you for the encouraging words!

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