Gwinnett Tech Respiratory Program

  1. Hi. Sorry I've been away for some time. Had lots of medical issues to deal with. While I was out I got some questions from people wondering about Gwinnett Tech's Respiratory Program. I loved the program. I was originally a GSU student who needed to change majors after my program became a MS program. I was told about Respiratory Therapy and inquired about the program. I had missed the deadline for entry into the GSU program but my GSU advisor told me about Gwinnett Tech. I am so glad she did. The program is WONDERFUL. It is hard but Bob & Larry did everything possible to assist us. I can't speak more highly of any two instructors. I have since gone back to GSU's Respiratory Therapy as well. Both are very good programs. The main difference I saw was that Gwinnett's seemed more hands on skill based and GSU seemed more theory base. If you're interested in becoming an RT, both are good schools. If you are an older student, I would probably suggest GT over GSU simply because it is a two year program and can get you into the workforce sooner. You can then do a bridge program. Good luck to any future RTs!
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