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  1. I am wanting to know if anybody has some good research sites to go to. I need to find three research studies that are similiar and print them out for class. I would like to find some studies on trauma or flight nursing since this is where my interest lies. The only problem I am having is I find a good article and I either have to subscribe to the journal or pay a fee. I would like to avoid that if possible. So if anyone has some sites that are reliable and have full text articles for free let me know.


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  3. by   spineCNOR
    Have you tried searching on CINAHL - the search engine for nursing literature? This should be available through a local university's library, or perhaps your hospital's medical library. This site links to full-text articles.

    Another source for full-text articles is:
    This site does charge a small fee for most articles.
  4. by   tsgarman
    Been to nursingcenter. It did have some good articles, but I think most wanted a fee. I will have to try CINAHL again.