Good example of interdisciplinary teamwork and respect

  1. I just received my newsletter from IAHPC. I notice every time I get the newsletter how much respect the members of the palliative care teams have for each other despite their discipline. The doctors, nurses, caseworkers, chaplains, all of them work together well as a team and respect each other's expertise and decisions. I wish I saw that in other arenas of healthcare. The biggest problem I see is not just doctors disrespecting nurses but also some PT/OT and others treating nurses poorly. They need to remember we as nurses are the foundation, catalyst, and the driving force behind the interdisciplinary team.
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  3. by   daniRN65
    It is so good to hear that. I think so many times each discipline focuses on the tasks they need to accomplish that they miss how important the others are. We are all interdependant on each other if we intend to give excellent care to our patients. Mutual respect for what each discipline brings to the table will only enhance the quality of care our patient's receive. Teamwork is so important to providing holistic care.