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So last night I responded to a code called in the spinal cord injury center. We (code team) arrived in the room to find a bewildered little old man, obviously not in arrest, sitting on a comode asking why on earth all these... Read More

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    I paged for help in a similar situation thinking I had paged only my unit and it turned out that I had paged over the entire hospital system....people were responding from several units lol....Embarrased new grad...successful patient outcome

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    Quote from brownbook
    We had a patient code. A height challenged resident responded. He asked the CNA to get a stool (for him to stand on.). The patient had "stooled" about 1/2 hour earlier. So guess who starts going through the dirty linen to see if there is any stool left for the resident!
    Get out!!
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    I am not overly tall, either, and on a code once, I said, I either need a stool, a ladder, or you gotta lower this bed. I cannot do effective chest compressions when I am reaching head high to get to their chest!! LOL.. Got my stool
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    I've shamelessly straddled patients. I mean, before other interventions begin, I think it's great for leverage
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    Got called to a code in outpatient infusion once. Poor patient had fallen asleep and apparently no one tried waking him up. I have seen people that look mighty dead when sleeping.
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