Forgetful Nurses and Older Moments - page 2

:Forgetful Moments and Older Nurses… Getting older in nursing is just like getting older in real life. Sometimes it’s worse. It can be worse because not only are you charged with caring for older people and their... Read More

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    I'm a very forgetful person and could very much relate to you (I'm not even in my 30's yet). And perhaps bacause I'm still young I haven't thought that far into the future and address the fears you have. You're story made me think deeply... and yes, it is scary.

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    Nursehiemers. When you have 50 things to remember, well ****s gonna happen =P
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    Thank you. You speak for most of us over 55er's I'll bet.
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    Awesome, couldn't have been written any better-prayers for all of us with a touch of forgetfulness.

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