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Hey all, would like some advice from all of you! I was recently visiting one of the university hospitals and while trying to get directions to HR, was sent in the direction of the float pool nursing recruiter. She was helping... Read More

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    Quote from 30yearnurse4u
    And generally, if you are offered a position on a floor you are uncomfortable with, and you refuse, your reputation just hit the skids, and they will say you "refused". This puts you in a very bad place with that organization.........My advice is... be choosy about where float pools will send you.
    I'm pretty sure you just contradicted yourself.

    Your job is to ask about full training (6 weeks) on the floors to which you could be assigned. If they can't offer this, this means they have no training for you.
    No such thing.

    But... siRNita, I think doing float pool as a new grad is just nuts. It shouldn't be allowed. Not just for patients but for you too! You're being robbed of a solid foundation. If you feel comfortable in your position, I give you kudos for managing but I honestly think that you may not know what pieces you are missing.

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    Well first formal interview done, according to recruiter went very well. She wants me to meet the night shift supervisor and recruiter next.
    I did have a misunderstanding for the orientation though. They offer 2 week for the hospital, policies, computer charting, etc. then it's 10 shifts overall training for the floors with extra, different training for mother baby.
    Like others said, I would not hang chemo, might have patients in for symptom control. If I had a patient on tele, charge nurse would check the strips and sign off on them.
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    I would go for it. If you find yourself in over your head just tell them and since you are already an employee they hopefully will work with you.
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    Congrats on Step 2. I did Float poolfor 4 years whilee i was the union rep for the nurses at my old hospital. it let me see who/what worked on each floor and where i definitely would not want to be without "friendly backup" if you want you can PM me anytime!
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