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Hello all. I'm currently working in the California Bay Area, but would love to move somewhere warm outside of California (ideally in the south, but flexible). There are obviously warmer places here in Cali, but real estate is... Read More

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    what about just relocating somewhere else in California? The Sacramento area pays pretty well ($38+/hr for staff nurses) I think that's about the lowest RN pay you'll find in Sac, and the house prices have dropped significantly as well. The cost of living is much less in Sacramento than in the Bay Area, that's for sure. It's hard for new grads to find jobs in that area, but for someone like you who has experience, I don't think you'd have a problem finding a job at all. I work in Stockton and my hospital pays pretty well and offers full benefits for you and your fam if you have one. For 4 years experience I believe the pay would be close to $40/hr... anyway, good luck!
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    I live in Las Cruces, New Mexico. They are ALWAYS looking for nurses. I make 31.00/hr but that's with 30 years exp. However, the housing is ridiculously cheap, and the cost of living overall is way lower than just about any warm climate areas. There are two hospitals and the bigger one just expanded their cardiac cath program with brand new suites and technology and they are also expanding their ICU. I work in the smaller hospital, and they pay 5000 toward the purchase of a home. You could ask for the 5 grand to be paid towards your loan. Worth a try.
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    IN NC here, now rent and houses are way cheaper here than in Cal. I'm in an area where the housing hasn't tanked and a 4br house in the best school district is $1200-$1400/mon. A decent house is $900 to rent if school district isn't an issue. Locally we're not using agency but we're short... go figure.

    So consider NC, but it does get down into the 30's in winter, cold as all get out tonight... but we still get 4 seasons, minus the snow! Beach is close, so are the mountains. Just an idea.
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