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  1. Hello everyone!

    I am a nursing student doing a comparative analysis for a technical writing class (ugh). As part of my project, I am required to gather empirical data; I am using this forum as a way of conducting a survey.

    Ok here's when I seek your opinions...

    As stated before, I am a nursing student. I have a BA in another field and am currently completing a ADN program at my local community college (did NOT want more loan debt). Now that you have a feel for my background, the main question for my comparative analysis is for me, would it be more cost and time effective to complete another bachelor's, this time a BSN for second-degree students, or to opt for an accelerated MSN program for students with a bachelor's outside the nursing field...? At this point, most of you are probably saying Master's, duh! But here is my rub: I am planning on eventually getting my DNP or at least some type of advanced degree for practicing as an NP; I have yet to decide what area I want to go into, though. I would really like to work for a few years before I decide what type of NP I'd like to be, but I want to start for at least my BSN as soon as I graduate with my RN. The other issue is that I live in a more rural area and only a few local schools offer MSN programs, let alone something I am interested in, such as Peds or Oncology. I know, though, that I can always go for a post-master's certification.

    Has anyone been in a similar situation?

    Regardless, I'd really love some opinions from nurses... as far as the value of MSN vs. BSN for a floor nurse, any opinions on post-master's cert, etc...

    Thank you all so much!
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  3. by   diprifan
    You could always get a MSN, like in leadership. Then when you want to do peds or onc then do a post masters certificate in that concentration. If you already have a bachelors I don't see the point in racking them up. I don't know if this way would be quicker, but I'm assuming it would.
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