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I posted this in the Wound Care forum, but I'm not getting any replies, so I thought I'd post it here. Recently I worked with a nurse who placed a wet to dry dressing over a closed, non-draining skin abscess. She stated that... Read More

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    Thank you for the replies, everyone. I've been doing more research, and have come to the conclusion that, while the other nurse's dressing style was not clinically indicated, most likely it was not harmful to the patient. It did not cause maceration to the skin, thank goodness. I have also been reminded again, to trust more in my own clinical judgment, and not let my confidence be undermined just because another nurse has a gagillion years of experience. Of course, I will always be a collaborator; that's just a core aspect of my practice. But if one person is telling me one thing and my gut is telling me another, maybe a third opinion is in order.
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    i agree with your conclusion, stargazer...
    knowing that it had already drained, i agree that the other nurse's way probably didn't do any harm.
    i like your attitude though.
    keep it going.


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