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I am getting tired of my supervisor calling and texting me from a personal cell phone to ask me if I will work. It even happens during the night. I used to answer or reply back everytime but I am... Read More

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    When I worked in the hospital I got called EVERY DAY. Sometimes multiple times in one day. My floor even invested in this stupid robot technology to call people (too poor to give anyone a raise but somehow can afford to buy this program) and leave them annoying automated messages. The robot calls came from a separate number and I very quickly blocked that number after I got called at 12:00 noon on a Thursday when I had worked Wednesday night and was already scheduled to work Thursday night with an automated message looking for someone to work Thursday night. Are you f*ing kidding me? You just woke me up 2 hrs after I finally fell asleep to ask me if I could work a shift that I'm already working? And not only did you wake me up, but now I know I'm in for another awful night since you just informed me that there were 2 sick calls. I wouldn't be surprised if people were calling out after getting these calls because they didn't want to face the horrible shift they knew they'd have.

    I am VERY glad that I no longer work in the hospital.
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    If I'm on call, I answer it. If I'm not on call, hell no!!
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    I used to when I was younger and thought I had this insane urge to please everybody and that patients would suffer if I didn't go to work. I also didn't want the supervisor to dislike me. Was I stupid! They used me as long as I allowed it and when I left that hospital never missed a beat and did just fine without me.

    I am over that 26 year later and I refuse to answer the phone unless I am on call and agreed to that ahead of time. The answer would be a very sharp H*^ no, and I mean no. I have a life and I missed so much of my children's lives when they were growing up because I had the delusion the hospital could not do without me.
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    ok! ok! ok! 'tis back to the blue. i count myself among the "older folk" here! i graduated from college <gasp> 41 years ago...
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    Quote from sharpeimom
    ok! ok! ok! 'tis back to the blue. i count myself among the "older folk" here! i graduated from college <gasp> 41 years ago...
    so, you couldn't see your own posts?
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    nope, i could read them just fine, but my husband read over my shoulder and agreed with you that they were almost impossible to read.
    you poor older folks...:uhoh21:

    now i guess i should probably 'fess up... my husband is not quite two years older than i am!
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    I'm not old, just broken in.
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    but not "rode hard":d
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    I thought the grey was easier to read than anything. Maybe it's all in the kind of screen you have.

    I have a full time job and a per diem job that likes to call me at all hours of the day and night. And I use my cell phone as my alarm clock, so I was getting woken up all the time but usually either an hour after I fell asleep or an hour before I was supposed to get up and go to my other job. In my confusion, I'd often hang up on the supervisor who was calling me, thinking it was my alarm.

    But I just recently figured out there's a button on the side of my phone that allows me to set my phone to "alarm only!" It doesn't make any noise when I get a call, text, or voicemail, but the sound still works for the alarm. Best thing ever.
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    I make them text me- it's much easier.

    We've just gotten a new ADON- she likes to leave long, rambling messages..."Heyyyy this is So-and-So, Uhmmm.... I don't know if you are PRN, orrrr, are you a CNA? Do you work here? I don't know.... Anyyyywayyyy.... I am short a nurse, could you come in at three today?"

    It was already 5pm, so I'm still not sure what she was thinking.

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