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I was just curious to see if you worked while going to school to become an RN... I was thinking I may have to do that for financial reasons... If you did, how many hours did you work? Thank you !!... Read More

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    I suggest getting a job as a nurse extern if possible. (May be called something different in your area, like nurse apprentice or something.) Around here, all hospitals let their externs pretty much set their own schedule (work as much or as little as they want and when they want). Works very well because when you have the time, you can work, but if you are busy with finals or something, you don't have to. Most hospitals will make you work a minimum number of hours; at my hospital it's 12 hours a month. I think at some hospitals its 24 hours a month. That's obviously very doable, though. Working as an extern has helped me clinically, and it will help you get a job when you graduate. I extern in a neonatal ICU, and I will be moving to a different area after I graduate in May, but I have already interviewed with the NICU in the hospital at which I want to work after graduation, and they offered me a job. I know that having experience in the NICU as an extern is what got me that job. Good luck to you!

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    I did. I worked 25 hours a week at a restaurant and worked PRN as a nurse tech at a local hospital.
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    I worked part-time while in LPN school et then during RN, I worked only on Saturday's a 12 hour shift. It was hard but I made it. It left hardly no time for anything else though.
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    I'm currently in an accelerated 2nd degree BSN program. I work 36-50 hours a week. I have class on Monday, and clinicals on Tuesday and Thursdays. I work Tuesday & Friday thru Sunday. I have one day a week off (Wednesday), but I usually spend that day catching up on schoolwork, studying, doing SOAPs, PATs, etc. It sucks, but hey, what can I do? I gotta live somehow. It's just delayed gratification. I'm suffering now, but in December it will all be over!
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    One hundred and fifty thousand years ago, when I went to nursing school, I worked in the hospital every weekend as an aid.

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