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Just curious as to what test all of you took. One school I am applying to does one test and the other makes you take the other. I think there is a conspiracy to make me insane. ;) What book did you use (if any) to study for the... Read More

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    Quote from Batman24

    Did you take the NET or the NLN? I only ask I was advised that the NET doesn't have any science on it other than the reading comp being based on science. The Eri book also doesn't include a science preview so just wanted to make sure we were on the same page.

    I am taking both and I have the National Nursing League Pre-RN study book. I believe it has 7 practice reading tests which might help you out. I would also check out the library if you are looking for something free. Also, look up Accuplacer practice tests online. They often include reading comp sections. Good luck!! :spin:

    Batman, Hi!!

    I took the NET test. I took the NET at two different community colleges in my area. One college tested over math, reading, science, and the learning styles. The other college used only reading and math. The ERI guide is all that I have to study. You are right, the ERI guide has no science at all! Imagine how blown away I was when I saw questions about mitosis!!! Thanks for the information. I have been on the internet for hours trying to find reading comp help. I have hired a teacher to help in Jan. I will try again in March or April.

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    No problem Flash. Here is a site that gives HOBET help which is also listed on the NET guide you have. It has a few sections for Reading Comp, etc. and should help you brush up some. The tutor also sounds like a good idea. Let me know how you do. I bet you pass with flying colors!!
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    Hmm I like my school because we didnt have to take a test to get into the Program because it is a direct entry one. That is how the University is with all programs, except Physical Therapy

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