Did I REALLY get the job?

  1. Here is the news- I was called Tuesday with an offer for my dream job in an SICU! I accepted, and was told that she would be in contact with me in about a week. If not to call her, and she gave me her phone number.However, I received what looks like a mass rejection email fromThe organization(not the recruiter who offered the Job to me) the same week at about 11 pm Friday. Today I called my recruiter and emailed her. I have not heard anything as of yet. Is this some weird mistake since there were 500 applicants? Is there someone else I can try to speak with if I can't get a hold of my recruiter?Advice??? Please??? On another note I have to move for this job very soon about 4 and 1/2-5 hours away, so I'm looking for a place, but wondering if I should put this on hold?
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  3. by   sauconyrunner
    I would think you will find out either way by then end of the week. I'd definitley be calling the recruiter again. OH Wow, this would give me a real panic attack. It sounds as if you did get it, but...before you sign a lease or anything, I'd have the offer in writing!