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Hi everyone, I know this thread is nothing new... I guess I'm just looking for some insight or something. I finished school in June, passed and all that and I'm registered. I have been searching for about 6+ months. I first... Read More

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    Quote from carolmaccas66
    Get tough.
    Network on a site like Linkedin
    (World's Largest Professional Network | LinkedIn)and ask re jobs, give specifics, put your experience/details on there. Put down ANY experience, ie: clinicals, temp jobs, volunteering. Contact all the nursing agencies and see if they can help out.
    Also if u have so many friends who have jobs, can't they help you?
    And HR are not nurses. There must be job ads with people's names on them. Tell them putting Dear HR isn't acceptable. I think they're trying to fob you off TBH.
    I'm not in the states or wherever you are so my advice won't be quite specific.
    I always advocate that young people now should not go into nursing. The job market is NOT secure anywhere now & they are not mature enough to handle everything we have to deal with. I'd look at doing a separate course that gets you a job. Also do ANY job that comes your way - not just nursing - as that will give u money & keep ur spirits up. Apply for all and anything, even if u don't think ur qualified & say something like: willing to train or stay back to be train/do training courses.
    I hope you get something soon.
    I think LinkedIn is a great resource! Great information!

    However, I do disagree that young people are not mature enough to handle what "mature" nurses handle daily. I am a young nurse and while it's busy, I do think that both mature and young nurses have a lot to learn from each other. I think it's unfair to discourage young people to go into nursing with that being one of the reasons. Everyone needs to start somewhere.

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