Conflict in Workplace Survey For Current Nurses/Nurse Managers

  1. I'm trying to collect data on how conflict is managed in the work place. Your help in filling out this survey would be greatly appreciated. You can post your responses here or e-mail them to me at

    Thank you for your help!

    1. Name, initials or anonymous

    2. Position, Title

    3. Number of years in nursing

    4. Specialty area

    Problems/ Issues in the unit

    1. Describe the staff dynamics of your nursing unit. Does the staff operate as a team?

    2. Are there any issues within the unit that prevent teamwork?

    3. If yes, how are these issues resolved?

    4. Describe factors that contribute to the success of your unit.

    5. Do you witness any favoritism in your unit? How so?

    6. Describe your nursing manager's leadership style. How does s/he resolve staff conflicts or issues? Is he/she successful?

    7. If you are a nurse manager, can you describe issues and conflicts you had to resolve? Was your approach to the resolution successful or not? And how did you or how do you try to attempt to keep these conflicts or problems from arising again.

    8. Describe an incident in which you had difficulty with a co-worker. What was most difficult about the situation and how was it resolved?

    9. Describe your ideal co-worker (RN, LPN, NA, Nursing manager)?

    10. What advice can offer new nurses that will contribute to our success in acclimating to a unit as a team member?
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