Christiana Care Nurse Residency 2017

  1. Hello fellow nurses (or soon to be nurses!) I have an interview set up next week for a position in the ED residency program at Christiana Care. If anyone has been through this program (or others at Christiana), I'm wondering what the interview process is like, what the starting pay is, and what the program is like (Does it prepare you? Is the staff supportive?)

    Any feedback would be great!
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  3. by   aladavat
    Hi! I actually had a quick question about the Nurse Residency Program, I was interesting in applying for the July 2017 cohort however I do not see anywhere on the website for applications? is this just me?
    I was wonder what you did to get an interview!
    Thank you!
  4. by   AEGold
    Hey! The last date to apply for the residency programs was in early March for the July start- they have already finished hiring for all programs. Sorry to let you know that! The next program will start in March of 2018- with the application available online probably several months before that. They only post a link to apply on their website when they are actively hiring for the residencies.

    Here is a link with more info about the residencies:

    Nursing Residencies | Christiana Care

    I interviewed for two residency programs, the PCU and the ED.
    The interview for the ED was very informal, casual and more like a conversation. Two ppl interviewed me, they were super friendly and made me feel very comfortable. (I was offered that position and accepted! Yay!)
    The interview for the PCU was much more formal. 3 ppl interviewed me and took turns asking me questions, all "Tell me about a time.." questions. They were focused on my ability to multitask, solve conflicts, deal with difficult patients, and why I wanted to be a nurse. Then they (unexpectedly) asked me a clinical question about what orders, treatments and assessments I would expect for a patient experiencing alcohol withdrawal with a mental status change. Threw me off guard but I think I handled it okay. I was also offered that position, but I decided on the ED instead.

    Good luck with everything! I hope you find what you're looking for, and I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news about the July start for the program.
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  5. by   AEGold
    Also- if anyone else wondering what the starting salary for the nurse residency programs is, it's $28.85/hr.