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Cherries for headaches?

  1. 0 Yesterday I had a splitting headache. Took a couple tylenol ES and drank a big glass of water before leaving work but I still had it a couple hours later. As we were driving along my daughter read a little excerpt to me from a magazine about a study that showed that the pigments in tart cherries have pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties like aspirin. It said you have to eat about 20 tart cherries to equal the effects of one aspirin. Well, I have a freezer full of cherries so as soon as I got home I sat down and ate a bowl full of them. The headache went away!

    Don't know if it was coincidence or if it really did work, but I thought it was cool enough to share. Pain relief and vitamins and fiber too! I'm going to try it again the next time anybody around here has a headache.
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    Hello Aimeee,

    I just read your tip on cherries for a headache. I am definitely going to try it, the next time I feel a headache coming on. Do the cherries work for migraines or is there something stronger than fruit? I will try your tip anyway.

    Thanks again,
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    Hi, I have read that cherries are good for gout and arthritic conditions also.