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  1. Hello all,

    I've posted along this topic before, but nothing so specific. I know there are numerous entrepreneurial ideas out there for nurses....I'm just wondering if anyone has made either a part time or full time income as a nurse/health/wellness BLOGGER or article WRITER? If so, what type of platform do you use....a regular blog or writing articles for various sites like Hubpages or even publications?

    I'm curious b/c I'm exploring all my options. I'm a second career nurse (LVN), with a previous degree in the arts and a background in the publishing world. I have worked as a nurse for a few years, (home health), but am currently a stay at home mom. I love to write, share my knowledge, and help people. I'm great at working one on one with people (hence home health), and am trying to find something I can do down the road that is flexible, nursing-related, and will bring some form of income....part time or other-wise.

    Please feel free to share your own experiences in the writing/blogging world. I'd love to have a blog that provides self care info for mothers, general/educational info/advice for child health. I have actually started somewhat of a layout for a blog of the sorts. My mother (a former pediatric advice nurse/RN) was going to also contribute some articles and we were working on a disclaimer.

    Anyways, just trying to get a 5 year plan going. I was thinking of offering an e-course, e-book, or online workshop on the blog down the line on a subjet/s that relate to the content. Maybe having a sponsorship program for extra $ and listing related books thru the Amazon Affiliate program. Also, maybe having a small "store" on the blog offering cold/flu season kits (put together by us), or linking up with a site I'd be a rep for (like doterra essential oils).

    Overall, I'd want it to have the idea of being a a combo "one stop shop" for self care advice for mothers/women and educational info for child health. I don't want it to be "all over the place."

    Ok, sorry this is so long....all my posts end up this way...ha. The ideas are just brewing!

    Thanks in advance for any feedback.

    **one other thing to add, is if down the road I obtained my wellness coach certificate, I'd consider offering those services on the blog as well.....I'd just want to try to monetize it in various ways so there's smaller multiple streams of income rather than just one flow. I've seen this work in the general blogging world, but haven't seen too many nursing/health/wellness blogs take this approach. I run my own personal blog and have done extensive blog research. Ok thanks again!

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