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:monkeydance: Does anyone have Idea what BKAT consists of? Switching jobs, CVICU RN for 8 years...haven't taken one of these for that long? Any suggestions/ideas? Little Nervous!:idea:... Read More

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    Hi - anyone out there with help preparing for the BKAT 6? I am changing cities and my new facility tests with this tool. Help?

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    At the site..............

    Requests for Copies of the BKAT-7S

    The BKAT-7S is being provided at cost to nurses who work in critical care as a service to nursing and to the ministry that nursing represents. A payment of $12.50 is requested to cover photocopying, postage, handling, the BKAT Research Award, and continued validity and reliability testing. Permission to use the BKAT-7S and to photocopy it can be obtained by writing to Jean C Toth, RN, MSN, PhD, The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC 20064 (toth@cua.edu).

    Notice on this site as well...............

    The BKAT is only one measure of basic knowledge in critical care nursing and is not to be used in screening, hiring, or firing situations. It is copyrighted and may not be altered, added to, or used in part. Permission must be obtained to use the BKAT.

    obviously there are several BKAT test, so the question is which one do you need.
    Other BKATs Available
    BKAT-7 for Adult Critical Care (2006)
    BKAT-7S for Telemetry/Progressive Care (2007)
    PEDS-BKAT5 for Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)
    NICU-BKAT3 for Neonatal ICU (2004)
    ED-BKAT for the Emergency Department (2006)

    Any of which can be purchased for $12.50.............
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    I am a new traveler and will be working in a facility requires the Bkat for ICU. I was told by a friend that she knew someone who just took the test for tele and had several tele strips to analize. If anyone has a copy of the cc bkat i would greatly apprciate getting a copy or some sort of study guide . I have been an ICU nurse for only a year and half and i don't want t be sent home for not passin this test. you can pm me or email me also
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    did u ever get a copy? Can you PLLLLEASE help me if you did? Im in a similar situation. rangda0@ymail.com thank you!!!!!
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    Are you able to help me as well with the bkat exam ? I am in a tough situation at work and I must get a really high score. Bkat 8s, but I will take any critical care version u have. I will pay for it if u want! rangda0@ymail.com
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    I have to take it as a pre-employment screen for a per diem ER position and I have been in ER nursing for 10 years! I can't find any info on it either. I think all these tests are ridiculous (including the PBDS). You can get a nurse who is book smart and can pass these tests with flying colors only to find out they are horrible or inept at the bedside. I don't think they prove anything about a nurses' ability!

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