Best places for nurses?

  1. I am half of the way through nursing school. Is there such a thing as an insiders guide to hospitals or nursing jobs similar to an insiders guide to colleges? I want to find someplace where nurses are part of a team and are treated well. Is there such a place? How do I find it?

    Thank you
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  3. by   puggy232
    I don't know the best place- just stay the hell away from med-surg! It sucks!
  4. by   MacERRN
    I've been an RN for 22 years. My daughter is starting nursing school this fall and here are some of the things I'm telling her:

    Look for a hospital that offers school loan repayment: Some hospitals will repay those loans and pay your regular salary for a certain # of years of work.
    Try to get a job as a tech in a hospital or nursing homes during the summer, and shifts during the week that work on your schedule.
    You want a hospital that offers classes for new grads besidesjust the working on the floor during your "orientation" like Critical care classes, EKG interpretation class, ACLS. Some hospitals have a 6month orientation that would include all your certification classes, computer charting specific to that hospital etc. Basically, the longest orientation you can get.
    Med-surg may suck, but it will lay ground work that would be priceless as you go to critical care areas. It is that reason our hospital never hired new grads into the ED. In the ED you are expected to know how to do's, foleys, artline set up, chest tube set ups, central lines, retention enemas, blah, blah.

    So good luck, gather the info now so your not pressured as graduation gets closer. You'll be worrying about board exams and all that.
  5. by   cjmjmom
    There is no magic answer for you! Some units are better than others and some hospitals are more nurse friendly than others however a hospital is a hospital is a hospital. You will find this out as you gain experience.

    Personally I would not sign my life away to any institution for loan repayment. I like not being tied somewhere just to get money. My mental health is worth a whole lot more to me than any financial gain...and you will learn this also as you gain experience.

    Good luck to you!