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It's a stormy night and you are quietly looking over orders in the ED, minding your own business, and suddenly from bay 4 you hear a little girl sing-song: It's raining, It's pouring, The old man is snoring-- He bumped his... Read More

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    Several years ago I wanted to go see the (second?) Twilight movie, and my friend, who is also an RN, said she'd go with me despite having seen it twice already (yeah, she's a fan, lol).

    This one scene comes on and it's an up-close shot of Jacob: shirtless, rippling muscles, and these great big juicy veins on his biceps and forearms. As soon as I see this I lean over and whisper to my friend, "look at those, I could get a 16g in without a tourniquet!" (my IV start skills were sub-par at the time, marginally better now).

    She whispered back, "Great, now that's all I can see...before it was a hot muscled guy up on the screen, and now I'm checking out potential access sites!"
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    Quote from rort
    And, I know this will make some people mad, but everytime I see an extremely obese person I think of what a burden it would be to turn then in bed if they got ill. changes the way you view humanity...
    Yes it does... but stop and think of it from one other angle... think what it must be like to SUFFER with a metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance or diabetes... and have people judge you for it...

    Latest diabetes and obesity research is leaning toward discovery of a genetically transmitted epidemic in our country of insulin resistance (and metabolic disease) that results in obesity.

    And I'd say travel outside our country, and you'll see the size 4 people, are REALLY everywhere. There is something definitely going on, and it's not just what they eat/move.
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    I have to set my digital clocks and watch to 24 hour time. If I see a 3:00 I briefly think it is actually 0300, when in reality it's 1500...
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    Quote from CheesePotato
    .....why does my brain immediately supply thoughts of you following these gents through a parking lot in something like this:

    All while crooning out the window that you won't hurt them. You just want to start an IV. Honest.
    I burst out laughing! I love this!
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    When I used to work L&D in a small community, we had the only hospital around. Whenever I'd see a grossly pregnant woman at the mall or grocery store, I'd internally sigh and think "Well, I guess we'll be seeing her soon." I also see grossly pregnant women and wonder how far dilated they are.
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    Oh my god has anyone see the show Scrubs? Dr. Cox has some of the bulgiest juiciest veins in television. That's all I can think about when I watch the show.
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    Quote from R!XTER
    My friend works L&D at the same hospital where I work, and they call "code 100" overhead for a baby in distress during or after birth. Anyway she was in Stop&Shop the other day and heard "code 100" and became frantic not sure where to run! Turns out they call it at the deli counter for some reason, still not sure why!
    LOL...I was at Walmart last week and after working two double shifts I pretty much reacted the same way! I also never found out what a code 100 was. Gonna have to ask them next time I am shopping...

    Thank God I'm not the only one

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