ATTN :Philly/S.Jersey Nurses!

  1. i want to get some feedback on some of the hospitals in the area. i am interested in er and critical care. where do you work? do you love it? what do you not like about your employer?

    looking for info on

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  3. by   button2cute

    Hospital of University Pennslyvania:
    A very good hospital that was rate in the top twenty hospitals in the nation. You have to obtain a BSN if you do not have one after hire with in three years. It is a very demanding and stressful hospital. The patients are from all walks of life and cultures. You have to be diverse and open minded to work at HUP. The co-workers may or may not be helpful or in the team work concept until you show them that you are a strong nurse. DO not give in to them, stand on your feet and ask for assistance when you need too.

    Thomas Jefferson:
    Is the same as Hup.

    Camden....what a place to work. you will be located in a war zone. Same as hup. Just make sure you do not carry cash or credit cards. Do not be outside the boundaries in any area especially there.

    All of those hospitals are great learning hospitals. They will work your last nerve and you need to hang in there.