Ask for help, how to improve my clinical nursing skills while not working in hospital

  1. I'm an ADN prepared RN. Live in North NJ. Having been working in one nursing home part-time since I graduated 2 years ago. I worked at both long-term and subactue care units.

    My goal is to work at critical care in a hospital eventually. I cannot find a hospital job right now, and I'm not able to do BSN in a couple of years due to family reasons. But now, I really, really want to improve my clinical nursing skills, like IV, Vent, even blood transfusion, etc. In the past, I even stayed late unpaid, volunteered for other nurses (the nurses here help each other), just to get a chance to practice some nursing skills.

    I know working in a nursing home severely limits my chances of practicing these skills. But how I can maximize my chances in this situation?

    All the jobs I can possibly find now is another nursing home, or maybe rehab hopsital? I'm trying to give it a shot. Can somebody recommend a way that I can mamximize the chance of improving my clinical skills?
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