Ask for help, how to improve my clinical nursing skills while not working in hospital

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    I'm an ADN prepared RN. Live in North NJ. Having been working in one nursing home part-time since I graduated 2 years ago. I worked at both long-term and subactue care units.

    My goal is to work at critical care in a hospital eventually. I cannot find a hospital job right now, and I'm not able to do BSN in a couple of years due to family reasons. But now, I really, really want to improve my clinical nursing skills, like IV, Vent, even blood transfusion, etc. In the past, I even stayed late unpaid, volunteered for other nurses (the nurses here help each other), just to get a chance to practice some nursing skills.

    I know working in a nursing home severely limits my chances of practicing these skills. But how I can maximize my chances in this situation?

    All the jobs I can possibly find now is another nursing home, or maybe rehab hopsital? I'm trying to give it a shot. Can somebody recommend a way that I can mamximize the chance of improving my clinical skills?

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