1. If so, where and how much were you paid and how did it work out? What state was it in and could your kids go with you?

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  3. by   sunrise
    Iworked as a camp nurse for the past two summers at a boy scout camp. It was very demanding -14 hour days with a huge volume of medications! I requested $800. weekly and I was paid $750. This required my living on site, families are welcome however my own boys are in college. If you have any further questions that are specific, write back. Have a great day.
  4. by   barbd
    Hi Irene. I did summer camp nursing at a United Church of Christ camp in CT a few years ago. It was for a week at a time, it paid $300 or the tuition for a child. I found it to be rewarding but exhausting. That was before I had 2 kids under 18 months!! I don't know what it would be like to do it longer than a week at a time. I found the best helpers were EMTs, they had the first aid skills that I lacked. Good luck. barb
  5. by   ljfrn
    I was camp nurse at a small Girl Scout camp for a week two summers in a row. I got about $250 for the week and my daughter got to go for free. It was busy before and after meals with medicines and also at bedtime but otherwise I had a lot of free time for the most part. Spent some of this time doing things like swimming, and walking. The biggest drawback was I was the only medical person at camp and therefore on call 24/7 so the anticipation was always there. It was a lot of fun though and I highly recommend it.