Any CNLs working as CNLs out there?

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    I'm in a CNL program now, but the hospital I'll be working at does not hire for the position of "Clinical Nurse Leader". I understand I'll be going in as a novice nurse when I graduate..... but wanted to inquire to what "real" CNLs do in the "real" world.

    Like how is your position different than a staff nurse?

    Many thanks!

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    Not sure, but I would think a CNL degree could apply to any leadership-type job in nursing. While it doesn't replace good ol' nursing experience, I bet it could definitely give you a leg up when pursuing a leadership job such as supervisor, manager, or director positions. Right now I work in a staff development/education/unit resource type of role. It's basically a CNS job, but my MSN did not prepare me for a CNS so I have 3 years to obtain that training. However, I can see a CNL trained nurse doing this same type of work (minus needing the CNS of course; this is just my employers request). I do all new employee orientations as far as pairing them with a preceptor and following them during their orientation to ensure they are getting what they need and are progressing as expected. I am also involved in new policies and procedure reviews that would affect the nurses on the units I cover (medicine units). I serve as a clinical resource for nurses on the unit and help them work through various issues that may arise and may even call the docs at times to help out. I ensure employees are keeping up their education requirements and one of my requirements is to participate in research activities (its a magnet, teaching hospital with many different research projects going on at various times). I also want to get published some time in the next year as soon as I decide on a topic, lol.

    My position is full-time, M-F, and salaried. Sorry so long, but hope it helps some.
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    I believe the VA hires for the position of CNL. But I know noone at the VA. Calling any CNLs!! What do you all do?!?!?

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