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Another CNL question thread... :)

  1. 0 Hello All,

    I have noticed that there are several threads about the CNL role. However, when I read them I end up being more confused than I was initially. I understand the formally defined functions of the role, but my main questions are regarding the potential optioins of an individual with a MSN, CNL.

    The school I have been accepted to and am considering provides a Masters program that would spit me out in two years time with an RN and CNL.

    I am wondering, if with this degree I could work simply as an RN if I chose to?
    I am also wondering, if somewhere down the line, I could attempt to get in to a Nurse Practioner program if I wanted to with this as a background?

    I'm really just trying to weigh out my options to make the right decision. Thanks for any help!

    (A litte about me: I'm a 25 year old college graduate with BS in health science. I have a few years of rehab, cardiac, and laboratory experience under my belt.)
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    Yes you can and probably will work as an RN at first after graduating from a CNL program. You don't even need to get the CNL certificate.

    And yes you can become a NP later on if you did a CNL program. You would do a post-master's certificate program to become a NP.

    I'm in your position too. Trying to decide between ABSN programs, a CNL program and direct-entry NP programs. But acceptances and rejections will probably make that decision for me!

    Good luck!