Affording education

  1. I am 50 with an ADN since 1986. I want to further my education and obtain at least my BSN.
    I would first have to take general ed courses such as ENG 102, Humanities, Economics and a few
    others. My problem is my husband makes too much for any help with tuition, etc. But we don't make
    enough (I am on disability which is another reason for needing my BSN) to pay. I cannot find a job.
    I am afraid to take on loans when I have no sure way of paying them back. I've looked into scholarships
    but most are still based on a financial need or belonging to a certain set of people/disorders. I am looking at
    a school in state that starts at about 250 per credit hour.
    How have others dealt with this? In this economy would you take on loans for the possibility you may never
    find employment? I don't have any retirement and my husband has none left. What suggestions do you have?
    I am really bothered that the ANA and others push for BSN but their is no help for those that are ADNs with
    years of experience and are cast aside with no hope for the future. Any information or help is appreciated.
    I cannot seem to come up with plan that works.
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