A Dying Tear

  1. For those of you who have seen people pass away, have you ever seen a tear fall from their eye? For the record, I have been with a few people at the moment they died. I hadn't seen this until recently when I was with an immediate family member. I have only talked to one other person who has seen this happen. Am just putting feelers out to see if it is a relatively common occurence.
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  3. by   Bird2
    I have seen a tear fall from the eye as a pt died. I must say it did bother me although the pt did not appear to be in any discomfort.
  4. by   MM-a7
    I subscribed to this site to specifically address the "tear" issue. It is the only other place I have seen any postings related to the subject. I saw two separate tears fall from the face of my dying father, and I am obsessed with finding more about it. He was in a heavy morphine drip for an inoperable subdural hematoma and completely motionless. At 4am, with all of us in a vigil (fighting sleep at his bedside) his breathing slowly stopped and my mother rushed to his side. Two separate tears fell down from his face, one from each eye. My mother went into something I can only describe as a moaning death howl. She was moaning goodbye to his and thanked him for sending us a sign that he was with us. I relive it every day and I am on the edge of getting counseling or other help dealing with it.