2017 Nursing Salaries by State, Degree, and License - Highest & Lowest - page 2

Perhaps one of the most direct, straightforward, “is-what-it-is”, "want-to-know" topics asked in the 2017 allnurses Salary Survey is the range of average salaries by state. Which states pay the... Read More

  1. by   azhiker96
    I am interested in teasing out the results of salary versus gender. I remember thinking there was enough information in this survey to be able to do heads up comparisons without confounding factors such as overtime or second jobs skewing the results.
  2. by   saskrn
    My experience from working in multiple states is very different than these results.

    Additionally, pay rates on the floor/unit vary little, it at all, between the different education levels (BSN, ADN, Diploma).
  3. by   SweetINFJ
    Wow I live in the one of the bottom 8 states for APRNs, but I'll be making a salary similar to the top few states for APRNs as a female new grad. I got this position a few months before actually graduating. I definitely feel blessed!