2010 Hondros to chamberlain nursing career-path help!

  1. 0 Hey guys, i'll b attending hondros school of nursing, and after my Rn, transferring over to chamberlain to get my bsn. I have only 12 credits from my previous institution before going to hondros, its almost as if im going straight out of high school. So if i want to get into the rn to bsn program at chamberlain, would there be any additional requirement? i mean i'll have my ADN from hondros when im done. And hondros is a regionally accredited institution. and is currently also gaining their nlnac and are in candidacy status. i dont know much about chamberlain but just wanted to be pointed in the right direction. I'll be starting on oct 4th 2010. If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free

    Do you have to come from a prestigious school to be accepted into crna programs?
    My ultimate goal is to go for crna, do you guys know of anyone that has graduated from chamberlain and got into a crna program?
    thank you!!
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    i have the same question too...
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    Have you contacted the school directly? No disrespect, but this is a message board. What will and will not transfer into your prospective school isn't really something any of us are probably going to be qualified to comment on.

    CRNA schools are highly competitive and only take cream of the crop applicants; likely if you have done your research you know this. Again, you would have to contact schools directly if you want to know about their admission criteria. I would venture a guess that a 100% for-profit career college education would not look particularly stellar, but I don't sit on the admission committee.
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    thanx for the replies guys, but i just want to know if someone has taken a similar route and has been successful.

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