Horrible experiences with laxatives

  1. I could not handle the Fleets phophosoda for my last scheduled colonscopy. I could not keep it down. I cont'd. with N/v that day. My colonscopy was rescheduled.

    I am scheduled to have one this coming Monday. I decided to start cleaning myself out, last night. My bowels are very sluggish. I bought the rite-aid brand of the correctol laxative. (5mg of biscadyl per tab). On the box, dosing instructions were 1 to 3 tabs, divided or in one dose. I opted for 3 tabs in one dose. I took them at 11:00pm. I woke up at 5 am and felt "hard labor" pains. It was horrible for a few hrs. Then, I finally started to eliminate. I guess I had a good case of fecal impaction. The pain was horrible. My stool was quite hard at first. I am almost afraid to take the prep on Monday. I will be taking the osmoprep pills. I just hope that I never experience that pain again. I can remember feeling this way when I was in labor. Also, a few years ago, s/p kidney removal. I was sure full of it, and had to return to he hospital. I needed three enemas to clean me out.

    Okay, after this colonscopy, I am not having it done for another 10 yrs. I will be glad when it is over with. I don't fear the procedure(I had one before), but it is the darn prep that scares me. I din't even want to have this one, but my pcp kept nagging me because I am 51. And, my maternal grandmother died from colon cancer. But, she was 76 at the time. Oh well, after this I am good for another 10 yrs.
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  3. by   george57
    Did anyone suggest a bowel regime that would keep you regulated and less constipated? You need to talk to your gastroenterologist or family practice about something that will work for you. Suggest you do high fiber and lots of fluids in the meantime.