GI lab phase2 recovery room

  1. What is the nurse patient ratio in aPhase 2 GI lab. Recovery room? We have one RN with 6-8 patient slots. Usually full with post bronch
    and gi patients. The rn is responsible for admitting in patients and recovering all patients with no other support from anyone else. She is unable to leave the area and rarely gets lunch or breaks. I was wondering if there were any guidelines for the ratio in the phase 2 recovery. Most patients are very sleepy and I know a lot of phase 1 recovery will have a 2-1 ratio for heavy sedated patients.
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  3. by   creo
    Sorry, but what is phase 1 and phase 2? Are patients divided into phase 1 and 2 based on their level of sedation?
  4. by   Catfoster
    Phase 2 are all conscious sedation gi patients or bronch patients usually Demeral/Versed, Fentanyl Versed and nearly all get Benedryl for sedation. We are free standing somewhat across the street from the hospital. The OR patients go to phase I they are sedated by the Anesthesiologist and not the procedure nurse.

    Phase II only has one person in the room with 6-8 or even more patients. I would like to add a person to the room but the understanding is that it is always 6 patients to one nurse everywhere. That is the law. Only other place is ICU,ER and Phase I recovery where it is 3 patients to one Nurse. This is a nationally set and written in stone everywhere in our hospital.

    They figure since it is a recovery room and most of the patients are asleep then they do not need extra help. That the patients are requesting a lot of help and you just get your vitals for 30 minutes and either discharge them or send them back to there room