First RN Job as a Recovery Room Nurse

  1. Hi Everyone!

    I would like to get information as to what to expect in my first (new grad) RN job as a recovery room nurse for a private gastroenterology practice. I previously worked as a tech during nursing school for a small practice, sterilizing the scopes and assisting patients after procedures. This is a much larger practice, with six beds in the recovery area, and more focus on the recovery period. I will start training in a couple of weeks and I'm wondering what material I should review. I have a large PACU packet that I have looked over already, and I'm comfortable with my gastroenterology knowledge, but I would like to know what else I should focus on.

    Thanks in advance!

    Sooooo excited!
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  3. by   PLcd
    Congratulations! You will love GI!

    For Egd = pretty much just make sure the patient's vital signs are stable and that they are not nauseated when they wake up before you discharge the IV.

    For Colonscopy =make sure the patient is passing air! Because if they dont they will be complaining about cramping, bloating, pressure sensation! Some pts may be embarrassed and not do it so you must tell them that its just air and it doesnt smell or anything. that usually does the trick. If patient can not pass air, change their position, have them walk around, or have them rock back and forth on their hands and knees on the bed (with the rails up of course!)

    because the patients will probably be receiving conscious sedation, their blood pressure tends to run low sometimes. if so make sure the patient receive all their fluids or if some patients bp continue to stay low and they are really drowsy. give them another bag. it doesnt hurt.

  4. by   suquita.rn
    Thank you, PLcd.

    I remember the first time I realized I would love GI: A patient who hadn't been able to pass air went into the restroom to change after recovering. As I cleaned up the recovery area, I waited and waited and waited, for what seemed like forever, to hear something. When I finally did hear it (that wonderful sound ) I was so incredibly happy and relieved, I knew then it was for me.
  5. by   katie-new grad
    Do you know if that practice use propofol sedation or versad/fent.? what state are you in cuz some some states say in the nurse practicea ct taht RN's can push propofol, some stays only anesthesiologists or CRNA's, you prob need your aCLS if you are doing the sedation part too
  6. by   suquita.rn
    Thanks, Katie.

    They use propofol, but I will not be in the procedure room, so I won't be doing the sedation...just recovering!
  7. by   castle4000
    Is the endo post procedure recovery considered phase one or phase two recovery? I am a PACU phase one surgical RN who was floated to our endo unit and the endo RNs are calling this a phase two area. If ICU patients are given conscious sedation and come out snoring and hypotensive, what qualifies this as phase 2 instead of phase one? What competencies are needed to provide the expertise that assures the level of care in post endo is consistant with the ICU level of care?