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Ok. I know you shouldnt believe all you see on TV. But the last episode of Greys Anatomy freaked me out. They did a Fecal Transplant on a lady with C diff. I thought..oh lord what has TV done??... Read More

  1. by   robrn
    Yes there are GI Docs that do Fecal Transplants in OR, CA, NV. Dr Schleinitz Medford OR. Dr Stollman San Francisco, CA. Dr Gao Carson City NV. If you can find a GI Doc that will do this procedure in your area I can send them our hospital protocol and procedure.You are going down the right track in pursuance of fecal transplants. They are 95% to 98% effective in curing recurrent C-Diff. Rob C
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  2. by   hecallsmeDuchess
    Wow! I thought this was a joke until I read all 3 pages. Just wow! I'm surprised the most that I'm not grossed out. Not quite sure I would like to blend poop.:uhoh21:
  3. by   galewind
    Thank you for your posts, Robrn, about fecal transplants being available in CA and OR. I am located in CA and would like to find a local GI doctor who can perform the procedure.

    Where are you located?

  4. by   scohn
    robrn - do you have a copy of the protocol that your hospital approved to do FT?
  5. by   shytown
    I wanted to thank you for referring me to Dr. Gao I have been doing some testing to rule out other possible problems such as thyroid, and Gallbladder. I have a test that came back negative for c diff but she wants to do a colonoscopy since my condition is the same. I have now developed some severe allergies to every day food making it harder to find something to eat that is safe. Are there any specific websites that would be a good education source for the person I would have donating, she wanted to read about the process further?
  6. by   xtxrn
    Who actually sat around and even thought to try this in the first place?

    Poop smoothie- who knew?

    And after that.....

    Next it will be a urine transplant for interstitial cystitis
  7. by   Saysfaa
    My hospital has done this. The donor doesn't have to be a relative. The prefered donor is someone who lives in the same household because that is who is most likely to have the optimal mix of flora but if that isn't feasible, any healthy person will do. It works so well that it is starting to be discussed much earlier than as a last resort.

    I get the ick factor but, y'know, it is a whole lot less icky than the normal way we all get colonized.
  8. by   pubhealth
    Here's a link to a protocol. It will open the pdf in your browser.
  9. by   kimkat1
    I work in the Endoscopy unit of a hospital in Virginia. One of our GI Docs is interested in doing fecal transplants. As clinical team leader of the department I am trying to gather information on how bring this procedure to our hospital...was wondering if I could get a copy of your hospital's protocol and procedure? Any other words of advice? I know she currently has a patient that is just starting their 5th round of antibiotics to treat their recurrent C-Diff. Would love to be able to provide this service...I think, not sure how I feel about the whole blender part! Thanks
  10. by   princess papooli
    Sorry you are experiencing this. Have your symptoms improved. I know your post is a little dated, but the medical center where I work at has has performed this procedure, as a matter of fact, one earlier this week. I work in So. Cal / South Bay area. Maybe you can private EM & I can inform you of this medical center,
  11. by   robrn
    i am glad your hospital is interested in this procedure it is saving lives. if you write to fecaltransplants@gmail.com i will send you the protocol and procedure. we are very proud of our results. to date we have done 45 fecal transplants 43 successful. i am pleased to say i'm speaking at sgna this year about fecal transplants.
  12. by   pacurn75
    The last conference I went to mentioned that they are now starting to screen the "sample" for all the usual culprits (ie giardia, ova, parasites among others. Speaker said it was recommended by their IRB to help CYA. ) before giving it back to the patient for their protocol. Are you guys doing that? The national stats from all who voluntarily reported is 95-97% have a radical improvement with 1-4 treatments. I say hooray! for those poor people who have suffered so long.
  13. by   JomamaRN
    Our ambulatory surgery/endoscopy center performed our first transfer in July of this year. I'm pleased to report that our patient, who had been on vanc for over a year has now been off all antibiotics for a month and has been completely diarrhea-free for that long. In the past, she began to have symptoms within 4 days of attempting to stop vanc. Her hair is coming back, and she has started to notice some of her energy returning!! We chose to have both patient and donor screened by an Infectious Disease Doc prior to the procedure, but we did not screen the donors actual stool. Very interested to hear how other centers are doing this!

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