Documenting pain level during colonoscopy

  1. 0 i'm in the middle of redoing the moderate sedation flowsheet for gi endoscopy in my hospital, and have been looking at lots of different examples. it seems that few hospitals/endo centers document on pain level during endoscopies.

    currently, our flowsheet has a post-anesthesia recovery scale, which i think is not appropriate for procedural sedation. now i am considering a simple sedation scale along with the colorado behavioral pain scale, which is an objective 0-10 pain scale. i would love to hear the opinions of other gi nurses regarding pain documentation during endoscopy.

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    BootyNurse, I read your blog. I'll have my scope done at YOUR hospital Endo unit, thank you, rather than the large hospital's Endo unit you visited!!!!

    The patient w/the SAT drops & neck position didn't help? VERY suggestive of OSA, obstructive sleep apnea. A person does not have to be elderly, male, obese or even have a large neck circumference to have OSA.
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    Yes, I'm quite sure that patient had undiagnosed sleep apnea. In addition to the flowsheet, I'm working on a pre-procedure form for the docs to fill out that includes questions on airway and sleep apnea.
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    Good for you, BootyNurse!! I DEFINITELY would feel more secure having YOU in attendance for my scopes. You've got a much better run unit than that hospital you visited!!! Be proud of what you are accomplishing!

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