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My G.I. want to use Versed for a long colonoscopy. Even tho my last colonoscopy was painful,i don't think i want to be sedated with weird meds.... Read More

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    I refused the procedure if I had to be sedated or knocked out. I told the doctor, called his office to remind him the day before surgery and told everybody that came in my room at the hospital that these things were out of the question. It didn't make any difference. They say I gave permission for the general anesthetic after I was heavily sedated (also against my stated desires) by "not objecting." Since I really couldn't move or speak at the time, this was very bad. Medical procedures are a necessary part of our lives, but be aware that patient rights are not written in stone and breaching them has no consequences. My Doctor and I did discuss this at length and I had to pay $250 to tell him all of this. He never said anything to the contrary. The people in the hospital never said anything to contradict what I told them, they just went right on ahead. The head nurse at the next hospital I went to to repair the damage from the first argued with me over the sedation. I had to tell her that it was a deal breaker to do my procedure with Versed or general anesthetic. I got the procedure done with Fentanyl (for the tourniquet pain), a beir block and nausuea meds. This is exactly how I wanted it done in the first place. I am not saying all this to be argumentative, but for information. I had a false sense of security when I went in the first time. Obviously I was on a different page than the first group. At no time was I informed that they had a completely different plan from the one I had accepted the risk for. Just be careful. Not everybody is a scrupulous as the people here.
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    Yes you can refuse sedation. Just talk to your doctor before the procedure and make sure that he/she will do the procedure w/o sedation, don't let it be a last minute surprise. I always am up front with my refusal of sedation, and I've always been lucky enough to find compassionate Dr's and Dentists that have always honored my wishes. If they refuse to do so, RUN LIKE HELL and find another doctor. I always think that if they insist on sedating you, especially for something that isn't really a painful procedure (like a colonoscopy or tooth extraction...yes I've had both, several times w/o sedation, and it always turned out fine) that they're being sneaky and devious and just trying to get extra money for the procedure....don't go to these idiots, spread the word about them and ALWAYS refuse the drug Versed/Midazolam if they try to sedate you. It's dangerous, the GOOD and caring doctors know this and refuse to used it on their patients...thank GOD. If you feel you must be sedated, insist that they use Propofol on you, while it's not the perfect choice, at least you're under and out of it very quickly with few side effects. Versed causes permanent damage in a good number of patients, and you're left with PTSD, severe anxiety and memory loss (speaking from experience.)
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    I would hope that you filed a complainta against the doctor and the hospital w/your state licensing board, NeverAgain. I would have. You did everything right to ensure that all involved were aware of your wishes and they completely disregarded them. Filing a complaint w/the state licensing board does NOT require a lawyer nor if found to be justified is there any remuneration due you. However disciplinary action can be taken - anywhere from a slap on the wrist to more serious discipline as warranted.
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    I've not had a colonoscopy yet, but I become very anxious at the idea of conscious sedation for any procedure- I've had a number of eye surgeries, and of course I wouldn't want to NOT be sedated but I found that Versed causes me to talk incessantly during the procedure and then not remember much of it afterward, except just enough to be really embarrassed. It probably wouldn't be as big an issue as it is for me except that one doctor made a joke about it in the recovery room and since I had no idea what I might have said, and he wouldn't tell me, it just freaks me out. I'd prefer general even with the higher risks. I can't stand not being in control of myself!!!
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    You can refuse sedation. I did for two colonoscopies. Discuss it with your doctor and if they won't do it w/o sedating you, RUN LIKE HELL AND FIND ANOTHER DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ThIS procedure is NOT painful. Just have the Dr give you either some Fentanyl or Demerol and you'll be fine. The only thing that is slightly uncomfortable is when they go around your transverse colon and pump air into it so the Dr can see better. Just mild cramping, that's all. It's nothing even remotely painful. Avoid Versed at all costs, that drug is dangerous. It left me with PTSD. If you feel you must have some sedation, request Propofol, it works quickly and you come out of this state quickly also, with no permanant side effects.
    Best of luck to you.
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    I guess you have the right to refuse. I don't know how the doctor would feel about it. I have had both upper and lower scopes, got con sed each time and it was no big deal at all.
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    Yes Diane, it's no big deal with a colonoscopy, you don't need sedation for that. An endoscopy you do because you feel like you're being smothered, and you choke which causes you to panic. I hope for your sake that your Dr was compassionate enough to give you Propofol and not VERSED for these procedures.
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    My gastro underwent both the upper and lower scopes w/o sedation herself before she would agree to do mine w/o sedation - and she agrees w/me, the upper scope w/o sedation is the worst because of the gag reflex! Other than the gagging the upper w/o sedation was no problem at all. I didn't have any choking sensations but BOY! those rolling burps were something else!!! I could have played some songs w/those rolling burps! The gagging was definitely unpleasant as I so hate to gag!
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    Thanks CrohnieToo! I have been worrying about having an endo without the Versed (or Propofol) The amnesia doesn't work for me with 9 mls of Versed but it does render me helpless. I just can't go in and have anything done with Versed. I would be totally aware "on red alert" and unable to move or speak while this was going on. I will stop worrying over this now. I just have to find an endo who is comfortable with outlier patients and can do this without turning me into a zombie and subjecting me to long term anxiety from the Versed.
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    Hey, its interesting to watch the monitor. Insist that they turn you so you can see too! And if there is something going on in there it can be quite fascinating to see! I had sudden onset really bad pain as the cause for my first upper endo. It was a yeast infection from a steroid nasal spray. Those psychodelic little fluffs looked too innocent to be causing such misery but boy was the ole esophagus RED w/irritation from them! Fortunately I responded quickly to Diflucan w/o any problems at all!!!
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